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FAQ's Related Home Construction

What are the services that Cloud Mistri Provides?

Cloud Mistri is a company engaged in the construction of residential, commercial, interior design and execution. We offer all services from the design of the floor plan to obtaining permits and quality checks by an in-house architect.

What sets Cloud Mistri apart from other builders?

We build relationships and homes. We are passionate about building homes and look forward to making new friends with every home we build. You will deal directly with the owner / builder throughout the construction process.

Can we use our own house plan?

You can choose to customise one of our house plans or we can help you design one of your own.

We don’t own a home site yet, can you help?

Yes, we have trusted partners who can help you find and buy your lot.

How do we confirm our land is a buildable?

We provide a free lot assessment to help you understand the costs of building on your lot and if further testing is needed.

How do you monitor quality?

The quality will be checked by the quality control team. In addition, CCTV cameras will be installed on the site to access online viewing from anywhere in the world.

Is there an average Price per sq ft on your homes?

Cloud Mistri is based on many things, number of floors, type of architecture, general SF, indoor and outdoor properties, etc. We work with our buyers to build them the best possible home that fits their budget and exceeds their expectations.

Is it more expensive to build a custom home?

Not necessarily. It depends on your tastes and therefore the decisions you create for your home. A speculative builder could choose finishes or merchandise that are more cost-effective to stay the worth competitive, if you decide on constant quality of finishes and materials, your home would be within the same price range.

Can we use our own contacts to supply materials and/or labor during the build process?

We have relationships with the best suppliers and subcontractors in the region who are committed to providing us with the best service and the best price. These relationships allow us to build the best home possible for you, on budget and on time.

Can we make changes during the construction process?

While our focus is on having all selections made before construction begins, we realize that changes along the way are part of the construction process. You will be notified during the process when changes are allowed and when they are not. Order change charges may apply for items changed after construction has started.

If building material costs increase after work has begun, how does that affect my project?

Once your contract is signed, which is a fixed price, your price is blocked. Our business partners and suppliers will honor the prices given to us at the time of the contract.

FAQ's Related Home Renovation

How do I get a project started with Cloud Mistri?

It all starts with a Free Design Consultation, which you can register for by filling out the form on our website.

Who will manage my project? Will they be available to answer my questions? Will they be on the job site regularly?

We assign a Project Manager to every project we work on to ensure it is properly managed. The Project Manager is a Cloud Mistri employee who is responsible for every phase of your remodeling project once the Remodeling Consultant has completed the design, layout and has ordered your materials. Our Project Managers personally know and meet with all the trades’ people who will be working in your home. He or she manages and constantly inspects all work done by our trades’ people during construction. The Project Manager is either present everyday for part of the day while the project is ongoing or is in contact with the trades’ people everyday to insure the project is running smoothly. The Project Manager is available to you by phone and email at all times.

I need to stay within a budget for my project. Can Cloud Mistri work within that budget and help me maintain it?

Maybe. It depends upon what your budget is. During your Free Design Consultation the Remodeling Consultant should be able to tell you if we can work within your budget, and whether your budgetary expectations are reasonable or not. Once we set your budget and prepare a labor proposal, we keep to the price we quote you. And, because our team is knowledgeable about the products you need, we’ll be able to show you materials that should keep you within your budget.

Once I sign a contract, how long will it take to begin work?

We can start the design process usually within a day or two after an agreement is finalized. The design process and material selection can take quite a bit of time, so the sooner we start, the better it is for you.

Can I live in my home during renovation?

That depends on the scope of the project, and quite frankly, your tolerance for inconveniences. If you live on-site during a renovation, you will be inconvenienced. We typically recommend that people make alternate living arrangements during the main construction, because you will see dust, debris, workers going in and out, you will hear loud noises, and see people ripping apart what is probably your most prized possession. You may also be without certain comforts like bathroom facilities for part of the time. This can be quite disturbing to most people.

Can I leave my belongings in my home during the renovation?

Yes, but we recommend that you remove everything possible – especially your most important possessions. Although we take extreme precautions to protect your belongings, dust flies everywhere during construction. And, much of it is microscopic so no matter what we (or you) do to protect them, your belongings will get dust particles on and in them.

What measures will be taken to protect my home from dust and debris that result from construction?

We cover floors with either rosin paper or Masonite, depending on the circumstances and we block off the areas surrounding the construction area with heavy gauge plastic sheets. We also cover furniture in the surrounding area to protect it as much as possible.

FAQ's Related Interior Designing

What kind of spaces does Cloud Mistri design?

Cloud Mistri offers complete interiors for all commercial, residential spaces, be it small or big, apartments or individual spaces or villa’s.

What kind of designers work with Cloud Mistri?

Our team of interior designers is the very best the industry has to offer, handpicked and vetted to design beautiful, functional spaces that are personalised to your requirements, lifestyle and needs.

Why should I go with Perfect Interior Designs to design my space?

Cloud Mistri has redefined interior design through an end-to-end space interiors service that’s powered by cutting edge technology. Our marketplace brings you the expertise of some of Jharkhand’s best designers, service partners, a vast catalogue of furniture and decor, reliable warranties and professional installation and furnishing your dream space personal and easy.

What is the difference between an Interior designer and an Interior decorator?

Interior decorators typically focus on the decorative elements of a space, such as: paint colour, furniture, décor, window treatments, bedding
etc. Interior designers do this, and more. Designers typically have formal program training. An interior designer should have knowledge of
interior architecture principals, drafting skills, general building code guidelines and more.

How do I begin a project with Cloud Mistri?

Simply contact one of our offices to set up an initial free of cost consultation. During this meeting we will discuss your budget, your design needs. We will ask questions regarding yourself, your family, your preferences, household habits and hobbies, functional needs, and desired outcome for your home. All of this will lead us down the right path in defining your unique style. Our goal for every project is to realize the vision of the homeowner.

What should I bring to the initial meeting?

Reviewing any inspiration images that you have collected, such as from magazines or Pinterest, will help us further uncover your style and direction. It might also be a good idea to have some pictures of styles you do not like, so our designers know what to stay away from during your interior design project.

What areas do you serve?

We have offices in Jharkhand, Bihar & West Bengal but also cover PAN India. Our vision is to provide the best experience to the people of India.

Does Cloud Mistri have a minimum project size?

We do not have a minimum project size.

How do I keep track of my budget?

We will create and maintain an Excel spreadsheet of your budget upon request. The budget will include furnishings separated by room, and monthly design time fees.

How long will the design process take? Is there a way to speed up the process?

Most interior design projects will take anywhere from 3–6 months depending on the size.
If you are on a tight timeline, we will do everything in our power to complete your home as quickly as possible, but please let us know at the beginning of the process. Because custom furniture is often built-to-order, items can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to arrive (sometimes more, sometimes less). Our vendors appreciate knowing in advance that this will be a rush job and can sometimes accommodate our schedule, but please note that rush charges will apply. By scheduling frequent meetings with your designer and making decisions quickly, you can also speed the process along.Most interior design projects will take anywhere from 3–6 months depending on the size.

During the remodeling process, what is expected of me? What will I have to do?

Sit back, relax and let us handle this phase of your project! We will manage all of the orders for your furniture, rugs, lighting, and window treatments, and make sure everything arrives on schedule, in the correct finish and size, and undamaged. We keep track of everything going into your new space with a project binder organized by room, which includes: floor plans and drawings; images and renderings; paint, lighting, finish and plumbing schedules (i.e. spreadsheets listing the specifications of permanent elements in your home); copies of all proposals and fabric samples; and anything else pertinent to your project. We can prepare a binder for your own reference if you desire.
If your interior design project has a remodeling or new build component, we stay in constant contact with the contractors and frequently visit the job site to ensure work is progressing on schedule and that our designs are being built as intended. We share all of our paint, lighting, finish and plumbing schedules with the contractors, so they know exactly what is going where. To make sure that our design intent is clearly communicated, we provide the contractors with detailed construction drawings such as cabinetry layouts, lighting plans, bathroom layouts, and fireplace design. If desired, we can assist you in reviewing contractor bids to ensure accuracy and fair pricing. Throughout this phase of the project, we will check-in with you often to address any questions or concerns.

Why doesn’t the amount on my invoice match the amount on my proposal?

It is not always possible to accurately quote freight or shipping costs before an item is ordered. Most likely we had not charged you for freight or shipping yet. If there is a new charge related to the item, the invoice will say “upcharge” with an explanation.

How much will my project cost?

While every project is different, after over a decade in business, we can give you an accurate estimate of what you will need to spend to achieve your desired outcome. We will also work with you to create and stick to a budget based on your project’s scope of work. Some things to consider when creating a budget include how involved in the design process you want to be, how quickly you can make decisions, and if pursuing a remodel, how involved in project management you would like us to be.
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