How Often Should the Interior & Exterior of a House be Repainted?


Painting the inside/outside of your home can be a daunting task. But how often should you paint your house? With your home being one of your most valuable assets, putting off painting for a few years can result in serious damage. Painting is an excellent investment because it extends the life of your home while protecting it from the elements.

Paint is a low-cost and simple way to refresh your home while increasing its value. But how frequently should you repaint the interior walls? Most experts agree that the time between repainting varies depending on a variety of factors, but in all cases, 7 to 10 years (or sooner) is ideal. Here are some factors to consider when determining when you should repaint the interior of your home.

How Do You Know When It's Time to Paint Your House?

There are some tell-tale signs that your interior or exterior needs to be repainted. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s best to act quickly to avoid costly damage later on.

1. Time To Sell

– If you’re thinking about renting or selling your home, a fresh coat of paint is a low-cost way to potentially increase its value. When it comes to selling your home, curb appeal is extremely important. A fresh coat of paint in modern and trendy colours can really make your home stand out. Bright trim will make your new house colour really stand out!

2. Fading

– Interior/exterior fading is one of the most obvious signs that it’s time to paint. The Sacramento sun can really wear down your paint job, especially if it’s a dark colour. The most noticeable fading will occur where the sun hits it the most. You may have unwanted water intrusion if you notice fading on the shady sides of your house.

3. Hardened or Cracked Caulk

– Caulk is designed to expand and contract with your home. It’s used to fill gaps and seal cracks around your doors and windows. It has a tendency to lose its elastic quality and become hard after years of exposure to the elements. If you notice areas with missing caulk, cracked caulk, or hardened caulk, it’s time to call in the pros.

4. Before Noticeable Signs of Wear and Tear

– Don’t put off painting until visible signs of wear and tear appear. Chipping or flaking paint indicates that the paint is no longer adhering to the surface. This allows moisture to penetrate the paint and cause problems below. Painting your house early reduces damage and the need to scrape bubbling paint and caulk seals.

5. It’s Just Time

– Even if you don’t see any of the aforementioned signs, it’s sometimes a good idea to paint the exterior of your home. If the appropriate amount of time has passed, repainting is a good idea. No signs of wear indicate that the paint has protected your home and is still in good condition. Continue to be proactive and ahead of the game by repainting while everything is still intact.


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